Thursday, October 20, 2011


Really...I haven't posted in 2 months? Wow...very sorry. Guess I've been busy. I seem to do a lot of juggling these, not at the circus. This would fall into the "grass is always greener" category. Why is it that we all believe if just this or that were different in our lives, then everything would be perfect. I've learned a lesson that it's better to make the best of what life offers than to continually try to change things. I began this sabbatical journey in March. Take a year to reflect and do something different before jumping back into the career track. What has come to pass is that life is still full of stress...if you choose to accept it and allow that into your world. My journey is about learning to not allow it. Working two jobs now rather than one job. So, there's juggling. If a client wants to meet at 10, then I have to reconfigure my morning of dogs. If they want to see me in person at 2, then I've got to do a quick change from walking clothes into big girl clothes. It's all doable, at least on most days. If that's the worst of the stress in my life, then I am okay with that. Gone are the stresses of paying the bills and which absolutely must be paid today, or else! Gone are the stresses of a long commute or another business trip, a delayed flight or a new business pitch to complete. Today's challenges are minimal, and easily juggled. It feels so much better this way.

And, officially have dropped two clothing sizes and feel great!

Wag more. Bark less.