Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And, I should say...

Dog walking isn't all I do these days. I have a freelance client who is actually in my field of healthcare communications. It's a nice 20+ hour a week gig and it supplements my income. The freelance work is done in early mornings and late afternoon & evenings, when the doggies are with their parents and don't need me. My hope is to continue my sabbatical at least through the end of the year, and by then, perhaps the economy will pick up and my field may again offer promising employment without the significant potential of cutbacks again. We'll see. I may just keep doing this for as long as I don't mind making less money than I made in 1997. Hmmm...what am I missing? Fashion? A really good haircut and color every few months? Good wine (cheap is not bad)? Vacations? A fancy new car? When I put those things into the missing column set next to the "what am I gaining" column...I am very fulfilled. I am also grateful to have the good health to allow me to maintain such an active schedule at this stage in my life.

Wag more. Bark less.
Okay...here's me wagging.

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