Thursday, July 28, 2011

People versus Fur

It occurs to me often that perhaps one of the reasons I enjoy my furry friends so much is that they don't talk back. It's not that I don't enjoy talking to and with's just that maybe I've gotten tired of it. My typical career day would consist of early morning conference calls, followed by internal team meetings to address the requests from the early morning conference calls, followed by responding to a slew of emails, texts, online postings and tweets and returning phone calls...all resulting in a need for more internal meetings to "discuss". Technology has given us so many tools to use in communication, it's impossible to get away from it all. many times have you taken a call while in the bathroom...hoping no one enters unexpectedly to blow your cover? C'mon...we all do it...I hear others. And, while I'm on this topic...if you do happen to enter a bathroom and hear someone clearly on the phone pretending to be in their you flush and blow their cover or politely wait until it's safe? Think about that for a minute. (I wait...when I can.) I'm digressing here, but back to the dogs. I talk incessantly to my dogs. I'm certain I am becoming recognized in several neighborhoods as that crazy woman who talks to dogs all day like they are humans. "Good morning my sweet boy, how was your night? I missed you so much. Wanna go for a walk today? I was thinking we'd go visit your duckie friends and maybe hit the hill up to Cambridge street on the way back...sound fun?" He responds with a wag and a few licks, occasionally a bark. What more do I need? In my career world, the decision to go visit the duckie friends would probably require at least a two-hour discussion about best route, agenda for duckie friend meeting, proposed follow-up activities, etc...My doggies couldn't care less. The only follow-up activity required by them is a treat and fresh water upon return. Occasionally, they prefer to drink from the garden hose while I fill the water bowl...but that rarely requires discussion beyond, "Come here boy and get a drink!"

I think I'll stick with the dogs, at least for now.

Wag more. Bark less.

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